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We’re the Good Guys Your Friends Told You About

James stroitelstvo-putei.ru, Owner

James stroitelstvo-putei.ru, Owner of stroitelstvo-putei.ru

stroitelstvo-putei.ru, Inc. started in 1986 with the desire to provide quality, expert plumbing services to our community. We operate out of Houston, in the heart of Franklin County. We serve Roanoke and the surrounding area as well as all of Franklin County and everyone located around Smith Mountain Lake. Our passion is to serve you with total satisfaction in mind. This is what has transformed stroitelstvo-putei.ru into one of the most respected residential plumbing service and bathroom remodel companies in southwest Virginia.

We recognize that our customers have a large list of plumbers to choose from and that motivates us to set ourselves apart from the competition. Our employees are professionally trained to provide unmatched craftsmanship and excellent customer service. We also uphold strict employee standards including a criminal background check, drug testing and a safe driving record, so you can feel safe and comfortable for the duration your project.

At stroitelstvo-putei.ru, it is our mission to honor God, serve people, to be diligent, to do quality plumbing, and to grow profitably. Join us if you agree.

Our Core Values

  • Diligence: No matter how high your skills, talents, and experience, nothing will substitute for persevering in hard work.
  • Friendly: To be a friend is to reach out to others with unselfish interest. We’re the good guys your friends told you about. We are friends.
  • Integrity: Integrity is being truthful and honest. We’ll never compromise integrity but through it we will build relationships of trust.
  • Quality: Our products and services are offered with the long term in mind. They will always be superior to the competitions.
  • Respect: We are respectful to others always, in thoughts, words, and actions. We always appreciate the opportunity to serve you.
  • Punctual: Our time is very important. Our client’s time is more important than our time. We will always be punctual.

Meet The Team

Dee Singleton

Office Manager

Kevin Ueland Water Treatment Tech at stroitelstvo-putei.ru

Kevin Ueland

Water Treatment Tech

Scottie Fralin

Service Team Leader

Jarrett Hodges Service Tech at stroitelstvo-putei.ru

Jarrett Hodges

Service Tech

Steve Gardner Remodeling Installer at stroitelstvo-putei.ru

Steve Gardner

Remodeling Installer

Scott Hughes Warehouse Manager at stroitelstvo-putei.ru

Scott Hughes

Warehouse Manager

Linda Webster

Office Assistant

Tyler Hodges

Service Tech

Mason Sutphin

Service Tech

Morgan Rutrough

Remodeling Installer

Steven Brubaker

Remodeling Supervisor

Brian stroitelstvo-putei.ru

Remodeling Sales & Owner

Kresta Brown Client Care Rep

Kresta Brown

Client Care Rep

Cirilo Gonzales Service Tech at stroitelstvo-putei.ru

Cirilo Gonzales

Service Tech

Ryan Bowman Operations Manager

Ryan Bowman

Operations Manager

Kyle Johnson Remodeling Coordinator

Kyle Johnson

Remodeling Coordinator

Michael-Cantrel Remodeling Installer, stroitelstvo-putei.ru

Michael Cantrell

Remodeling Installer

James stroitelstvo-putei.ru Owner at stroitelstvo-putei.ru

James stroitelstvo-putei.ru


John Sink

Water Treatment Specialist

Mark Hayslett Service Tech

Mark Hayslett

Service Tech

Mike Walker Service Tech

Mike Walker

Service Tech

Cyndi DeNeal Remodeling Sales at Wilser Plumbing

Cyndi Metts DeNeal

Remodeling Consultant

Marty Beber - Drain Specialist

Marty Beber

Drain Specialist

Water Treatment

Natural water in Virginia can be pretty awful. We know how to make water perfect for your family and easy on your plumbing and fixtures. We can recommend and install the water treatment system that is right for you.

Plumbing Repair

When you’ve got a plumbing problem, your next step is easy. Call us any time, day or night. We use the best materials and the most talented technicians to ensure that the job is done right the first time. Guaranteed.

Bathroom Remodels

Don’t overlook your bathroom when you’re remodeling.
An upgrade gives you the practical, functional and relaxing space you deserve. Let us guide your bathroom remodeling project from start to finish.

Diamond Club

Protect your home from costly and annoying plumbing problems. The Diamond Club is a private membership service that costs just pennies a day but provides you with 24/7 peace of mind all year long. 

“Scottie was our tech, he did an outstanding job. Pro all the way.”

Mrs. Hickman

“Employers need more people like Scottie. your repair man sent to me!”

Mr. Brumfield

“I wish that I could have stroitelstvo-putei.ru service everything in my house.”

Marcia Brumberg

“Each time we have someone come, they are neat, polite & efficient..”

Ms. Clark

“Nicest repairman i ever met. i would recommend him to anybody.”

Lou Berstein

“I wish that I could have stroitelstvo-putei.ru service everything in my house.”

Marcia Brumberg

“The people at stroitelstvo-putei.ru were great from start to finish.”

Tony and Lisa Perez

“Very courteous & technician was pleasant and tidy with the repair.”

Mr. Updike

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