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Better Business Bureau

bbb_lgBetter Business Bureau is a non-profit, member-funded organization of thousands of US businesses dedicated to building fair and honest relationships between businesses and consumers. Click here to visit the stroitelstvo-putei.ru profile on the Better Business Bureau website.

It’s about trust…

We believe trust is earned. That’s why we join and support organizations like the BBB.

If we expect you to trust us with more than a simple plumbing repair, you have a right to understand our philosophy about our service business.

When you hire us for a bathroom remodel, we’ll be practically living with you for a short time.

We want you to feel comfortable with that relationship, knowing that we’ll be good, polite guests who will get our work done efficiently and professionally.

Let’s Get To Work

Do you need plumbing services? Are you ready for a complete bathroom remodel?

Fill out the form or give us a call to get started right away.

Water Treatment

Natural water in Virginia can be pretty awful. We know how to make water perfect for your family and easy on your plumbing and fixtures. We can recommend and install the water treatment system that is right for you.

Plumbing Repair

When you’ve got a plumbing problem, your next step is easy. Call us any time, day or night. We use the best materials and the most talented technicians to ensure that the job is done right the first time. Guaranteed.

Bathroom Remodels

Don’t overlook your bathroom when you’re remodeling.
An upgrade gives you the practical, functional and relaxing space you deserve. Let us guide your bathroom remodeling project from start to finish.

“Scottie was our tech, he did an outstanding job. Pro all the way.”

Mrs. Hickman

“Employers need more people like Scottie. your repair man sent to me!”

Mr. Brumfield

“I wish that I could have stroitelstvo-putei.ru service everything in my house.”

Marcia Brumberg

“Each time we have someone come, they are neat, polite & efficient..”

Ms. Clark

“Nicest repairman i ever met. i would recommend him to anybody.”

Lou Berstein

“I wish that I could have stroitelstvo-putei.ru service everything in my house.”

Marcia Brumberg

“The people at stroitelstvo-putei.ru were great from start to finish.”

Tony and Lisa Perez

“Very courteous & technician was pleasant and tidy with the repair.”

Mr. Updike

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